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This page is a translated version of the page Pirnat and the translation is 67% complete.

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A deviant-type enemy will contain the following within their name:

  • Molotov - Upon death a red sphere will spawn, damaging players dealing solid and explosive damage (Damage is based on the radius of the sphere).
  • Debuff - Bullets that this enemy shoots will now debuff the player with -?% solid resistance (purple shots), and -?% speed (blue shots)
  • Kamikaze - Once the enemy is close enough, it will start emitting light and explode within a few seconds, dealing explosive damage.
  • Minotaur - once the enemy has reached 0 hit points, it will stay alive for a few seconds, then explode (no explosive damage).


A champion-type enemy will contain the following colored text below their name:

  • Resists solid - The enemy will have 90% resist to solid damage.
  • Resists explosive - The enemy will have 90% resist to explosive damage.
  • Resists Electric - The enemy will have 90% resist to electric damage.
  • Strong - Increased bullet damage.
  • Fast - Increased movement speed.
  • Tough - Increased hp.
  • Gatling - Increased rate of fire.