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The Pickelhaube is a medium Pirnat unit which wanders about, periodically stopping to shoot 1/1/2 radial 8-bursts of orange oval bullets (which deal 1000 solid damage at T4) in low/mid/high-level zones, indicated by blue/yellow/red detailing.


The Pickelhaube has one basic variant and two deviant variants.

Pickelhaube Normal.png Basic Pickelhaube[edit]

Basic Pickelhaubes appear in T2+ systems.

Resistances (Level 12)

  • Solid: 0%
  • Explosive: 55%
  • Electric: 55%

Pickelhaube Molotof[edit]

Upon destruction, the Pickelhaube Molotof creates a fiery sphere which deals large amounts of solid and explosive damage over time to players caught within it (100/300/800/1040/1352 solid DPS and 100/300/800/1040/1352 explosive DPS at T2/T3/T4/T5/T6). These units appear in T3+ systems.

Resistances (Level 12)

  • Solid: 28%
  • Explosive: 55%
  • Electric: 0%

Pickelhaube Minuteur.png Pickelhaube Minuteur[edit]

When its structure is reduced to zero, the Pickelhaube Minuteur catches fire, then harmlessly explodes after several seconds. These units appear in T4+ systems.

Resistances (Level 12)

  • Solid: 55%
  • Explosive: 0%
  • Electric: 0%