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The Hunter is a medium Pirnat unit which quickly chases players and shoots 3-bursts of orange oval bullets (which each deal 1000 solid damage at T4) from its two guns.

It turns and fires its guns for 2 seconds at a time, having a refire time between bursts of 1/0.75/0.5 seconds in low/mid/high-level sectors (indicated by blue/yellow/red detailing); this results in 2/2/3 bursts per 2-second active interval.


The Hunter has one basic variant and two deviant variants.

Hunter Normal.png Basic Hunter[edit]

Basic Hunters appear in T3+ systems.

Resistances (Level 12)

  • Solid: 61%
  • Explosive: 0%
  • Electric: 0%

Hunter Kamikaze.png Hunter Kamikaze[edit]

Hunter Kamikazes move even faster than basic Hunters and explode after a time after getting close enough to a player (dealing 5850? explosive damage at level 12 to all players caught in the explosion). In exchange, their 3-bursts are replaced with 1-bursts. Hunter Kamikazes appear in T4+ systems.

Resistances (Level 12)

  • Solid: 12%
  • Explosive: 45%
  • Electric: 0%

Hunter Debuff[edit]

Hunter Debuffs shoot purple debuffing bullets which, in addition to dealing the same damage as orange bullets, reduce shield solid resistance significantly (-20% @ level 12). Player ships can be inflicted with up to 3 copies of this resistance-reducing debuff at a time. Hunter Debuffs appear in T3+ systems.

Resistances (Level 12)

  • Solid: 25%
  • Explosive: 75%
  • Electric: 25%


Hunter are really fast and very powerful but they have some weaknesses.

  1. They can only rotate slowly (at least more slowly than they go forward).
  2. They are only going forward: they can't change trajectory like Pickelhaube.
  3. Their incapacity to shoot more than two times in a row.
  4. Their shot almost always very directional: their bullet spread very little.

If you know that, you can start using dodging strategies:

  • face them while they have not shot two times,
  • dodge their bullet by just moving laterally,
  • then chase them since they can't do anything to you while you are chasing them.

When they try to shoot you, they will have to turn back which is a slow and predictable manoeuvre.

Slowing them is not always a good strategy because some other enemies can chase you and come closer to you than the Hunters and protect them from your shots. The key to survive well in front of Hunters is to kill them as quickly as possible. Use electric or explosive vulnerability of Basic hunters and Solid small, resistance for deviants(Kamikaze or Debuff) ones.

One you know how to behave with Hunters, you can try to slow them just a bit to move behind them and shoot them to death with their weakness element type weapon.