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Rarity List[edit]

There are three rarities : common, superior and rare.

List of possibles rarity

The color of the background of the item allow you to quickly know the rarity of the item :

  • Yellow for rare
  • Blue for Superior
  • White for common

You might see some item with red background (see example). This is not related to rarity, this just means you can't equip the item (wrong class, not enough level, etc.). You can still see the rarity because the red background is mixed with the rarity background.

Stars on statistics[edit]

A superior level 8 Astrobang
A common level 9 Astrobang

Lets put aside passive items for the moment because they are a little different.[1]

The first thing to understand is that stats items are not random.

If you take two common item with the same name, they will have the same statistics (both the stat itself and the value of the stat).

For each item, there is 15 versions of it, one for the level 1, one for the level 2, one for the level 3, ..., one for the level 12, one for the level 13, one for the level 14 and one for the level 15. The last two are theoric and can't be looted.

All of these items have the same stats list, but the value of the stats are better the greater the level of the item is.

When an item is dropped by an enemy, each stat have a chance to get one or two stars (⭐ or ⭐⭐). Each star on a statistic increase the level of this statistic by one, but only for the statistic with the star.

For exemple, look at the superior level 8 Astrobang : All his stats are the stats are the stats of a common Astrobang level 8, exept the Fire rate stats : this stat have a star, so the value of this stats is the same as the value of a common Astrobang level 9 as you can see on the other picture. If this stat had 2 stars, it would be the value of a common Astrobang level 10.

If an item have all his stat with exactly one star, then it is exactly the same as the same item with no star of the next level.

Note : Some item have a star at the top left of the icon :


This is absolutly unrelated to stats statistics, it's just mean the item is level 13 (it show a star instead of the number 13).

Stars and rarity[edit]

But why is this related to rarity ? Well, the rarity is determined by star (in fact it's the contrary, see advanced section) !

  • If an item have at least one stat with two stars, he will be rare.
  • Else, if it have at least one stat with a star, he will be superior.
  • If an item have no star he will be common.

If an item have 3 stats with one star, it will still be superior, because it have no stats with 2 stars.

Best item[edit]

What is the best between a common level 9 G-Buleteer and a superior level 8 G-Buleteer ?

In this case, it is easy, because it is superior, it's stats will have at most 1 star, so these stat will be level 9 while all other only level 8. So the level 9 is better (exept if all stat have a star, in this case they are the same).

What is the best between a common level 10 G-Buleteer and a rare level 8 G-Buleteer ?

For the same reason, the common level 10 item will be beter.

What is the best between a common level 9 G-Buleteer and a rare level 8 G-Buleteer ?

In this case, this is more complicated. You need to look at the stats boosted with two stars, because their value will be above the value of the common level 9 item. So the question, is it worth loosing start value of stat with no star in order to get better stats values for stats with two stars.

What is the best between a two common level 8 G-Buleteer ? You need to look at which stats is boosted. Some stats are better than other (for exemple if your weapon have a low critical chance, you don't get that your critical damage stat is boosted !). And maybe one of the item have more stats with one star.

In short, it's almost always better to choose the item with the higher level. But if the two item have 1 level difference and one is common and the other are, you might look at stats.

Boss item[edit]

Example of boss item

Boss can drop special items called boss items. They are the same as normal item, but with a slight different name and an additionnal special stats.

Boss item have rarity (they can be common, superior, or rare), but the item outline is in yellow.

The item at the right is the same as the G-Bulleteer level 13 item (same stats), but it have an additionnal stat (in yellow), in this case it reduce the reserved energy of the generator ability. We can also notice the Resonant suffix in the item name.


In short : You can get the same items in tiers IV than in tier VI, but you have more chance to get better item in tiers VI than in tiers IV.

When you kill an enemy, he have a chance (depending of the enemy type and of his level) to drop a common item. He also have a chance to drop a superior item and a chance to drop a rare item. The roll for each rarity is independant, so the enemy can drop a common item, a superior item and a rare item (and the fact that it dropped a superior item does not reduce the chance to also drop a rare item). The chance of getting a rare item is 10 times lower the chance to get a superior item.

There is a list of star possible repartition (for exemple 3⭐⭐ 2⭐ which mean 3 stats will get two stars, and 2 stats will get one star), and the probability of each repartition depends on the tiers.

The star repartition is choosen randomly among possibility. See bellow graph for more information (for each rarity, the three graph represent the same data, it's just the way to represent them who change).

Common item[edit]

There is no star.

Superior item[edit]

Rare item[edit]

  1. For passive item, it is the same, but two object with the same name can have two different stats (but if the stat are the same, then the value are the same).